behind the mask

KU. The word for "me" or "I" in the Malay language. At first glance, if you take the name literally, it might appear a little egocentric, because AKU comes from the Malay language and means nothing than "me" or "I". But this is not meant to be a self-gratification of our label. AKU stands for the individuality each one of our items represents for our customers. It's about you! Be egoistic, be rebellious, be cool! Because at the end of the day, it's all about

Artistical egoism

Apparel and art is AKUs primary focus. Based in Paderborn Germany, AKUwear head designer Mr. Thorsten Hasenkamm is drawing much of his inspiration from cartoons, comics, retro stuff and expressionism. Hasenkamm is considered to be one of the premiere lowbrow artists in Europe, having done group shows all over the world (La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Harold Golen Gallery, M Modern Gallery, Roq La Rue, CPOP … to name a few spots).

Limited egoism

In order to protect the integrity and value of our products AKUwear releases a small, hand-numbered 999 shirts for each edition. Every shirt got a limited number, stitched on the left sleeve and comes with an individual certificate signed by the artist!

Future egoism

AKUwear continues to maintain its links to the streets and our community. With the support of their expansive artist family, including such phenomenal artists as Skot Olsen, Heather Watts, Heiko Müller, and Jason Maloney, Djs like Ingo Boss and DCC, just to name a few, AKUwear has established itself as one of the most influential voices of Germanys apparel and art community.

AKUwear combines fashion, commerce, and art with a unique proposition: each of the men’s t-shirts produced by the company are a limited-edition of 250, with the number sewn into the sleeve. Shirt-buyers then receive access to post photos of themselves in the shirt on the company’s website.